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The Wise Choice For Educators ®

Calling all educators

Is your 403(b) or 457(b) plan working as hard as you are?

The pressure from politicians to cut the pensions of public employees has never been greater. That’s why the quality of the supplemental 403(b) retirement plans for America’s teachers, support staff and business officials has never been more critical. Many workers don’t have a clear understanding of the expenses they are paying for their 403(b)/457(b).

The Wise Choice for Educators® was developed by the Illinois Public Pension Fund Association (IPPFA) to provide a low fee, transparent and high service alternative to the supplemental retirement plans offered by insurance companies.

Wake-up call for public teachers and support staff: All 403(b)/457(b) plans are not created equal

Do you know how much you are being charged for your 403(b)/457(b) plan in fees; and how the fees you pay impact your retirement?

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If you are a school business official, join the ranks of those who’ve chosen a single platform 403(b) plan

IPPFA’s The Wise Choice for Educators® single vendor 403(b)/457(b) platform can make your life easier and your employees’ retirement better.

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How the IPPFA’s Wise Choice for Educators ® 403(b)/457(b) Plan helps you prepare for retirement 

Discover The Illinois Public Pension Fund Association (IPPFA), our sole focus is improving the retirements of public sector workers.

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