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The Wise Choice For Public Employees ®

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The Illinois Public Pension Fund Association (IPPFA) was established to help meet the retirement needs of our fellow public sector workers. Our goal is to provide you with access to an alternate supplemental savings plan with a variety of investment options and a high level of customer service.  

The Wise Choice For Public Employees®a 457(b) deferred compensation plan, was created by the IPPFA with your needs in mind. By pooling the collective buying power of local governments, The Wise Choice For Public Employees® plan offers its members a diversity of investment options with Vanguard mutual funds serving as the core investment choices.

Whether you are employed by a local unit of government or a school district, the IPPFA has a supplemental retirement plan to help ensure that you have more money in retirement. We believe that no employee should have to pay higher fees or receive less service because he or she works for a small or medium size public institution. The Wise Choice For Public Employees® plan offers the same pricing and plan design to all public employees regardless of size. The IPPFA plan provides a high-touch, low cost alternative to the existing vendors in the marketplace.


Do you have a 457(b) plan and do you know how much you are paying in fees annually as a participant? Why should you have less money in your account than an employee from another unit of government?

Since the inception of IPPFA's The Wise Choice for Public Employees® plan in September of 2001, the plan has helped participants lower their plan fees. Currently, there are over 275 units of government participating in the co-op with over $675 million in managed assets.

Let us show you how you can potentially have more money purchasing the same thing with the IPPFA 457 plan versus other comparable plans. 

IPPFA's The Wise Choice for Public Employees® deferred compensation plan includes:

  • No wrap fees 
  • Everyone receives the same price 
  • Managed account at no additional fee
  • No annuity charges of any type
  • Internet access
  • Complete access to the broad mutual fund market for the sophisticated participant
  • Full fee disclosure
  • Our fees range from 0.00% to 1.53% annually
  • A "Hold Harmless" to the plan sponsor for all delegated fiduciary responsibilities including investment manager selection
  • Service Representatives located throughout Illinois