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Maximize your supplemental savings with The Wise Choice

You can have both LOW cost and Personal service 

As public sector workers who are responsible for educating pension fund trustees, we know that not everyone is an expert on investing. Many times people feel more comfortable making investment decisions while sitting down with a professional. For over a decade, we have met with thousands of public sector workers, just like you, assisting them in building balanced retirement portfolios, while explaining the importance of fees and asset allocation in retirement planning. We meet with you, when it’s most convenient, either at work or at your kitchen table.

This plan, is built, run and managed by The Illinois Public Pension Fund Association, a non-profit association whose mission is to maximize retirements for public sector workers. Our experience is that most participants don’t know how much their 403(b) plans are costing them. The Illinois Public Pension Fund’s executive board required fee transparency and personal one on one service, at the same time using the buying power of the association to keep the fees the participants are paying low. Since a 403(b) plan is typically a teacher’s third largest asset, the IPPFA board required that all district employees, regardless of size of the district, would pay the same in fees.

IPPFA believes that employees in small districts shouldn’t pay more for their 403(b) plan, than employees in larger districts paid. This leveraging of the association’s buying power has allowed the Wise Choice plan to keep millions of dollars in the accounts of public sector workers instead of in the pockets of insurance companies, salesmen or brokers.

The program addresses all three types of investors.

  1. For those participants who want personal service and assistance in building balanced retirement portfolios the plan provides personal one on one assistance.
  2. For those who want to do their own asset allocation, but want manager selection and monitoring assistance, the plan has the core Diversified funds. The core Diversified Funds are sub-advised, using as many as five high quality institutional managers. Each investment option is style and objective specific with no overlap.
  3. For those investors who want additional investment options, in addition to the core funds, the program allows the participant access to over 4800 mutual funds for an additional fee.

A member of the IPPFA’s Benefit team is a telephone call away to set up a personal face to face meeting.

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