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Frequently Asked Questions

When can I access my funds? – Separation of service. The retirement age is usually set by either statute or the plan sponsor.

For whose benefit can the funds be used? – Anyone you declare on your federal tax return as a dependent.

What can my funds be used for? – Your funds may be used for anything deductible under IRC 213, which is the same code section that governs medical deductions on your federal income tax return. You may have a standing claim for all or part of your insurance premium that would produce a monthly check, and you may submit claims for out of pocket expenses as incurred.*

What happens to my funds in the event of my death? – Your surviving tax dependents have the same rights to the funds as before your death. If you have no surviving tax dependents, the remaining funds revert to the trust and are used to pay expenses and/or are reallocated to remaining participants.

What are the administrative charges? – All plan expenses are factored into the asset charges of the mutual funds. There are no participant expenses other than the investment charges.

Are there set-up charges? – A $350 one-time charge payable to the IPPFA for the documents needed to implement the plan is required. There is also a one-time fee made payable to the IRS up to $850 for the trust application. An informational tax return is also required for each trust (Form 990) which is normally the responsibility of the plan sponsor. However, we have made arrangements for group pricing with a CPA firm for those that wish to outsource this function. IPPFA Benefits will obtain a quote for the plan sponsor if they wish to pursue this option. IPPFA Benefits will also assist the plan sponsor or their designee in the data preparation if the plan sponsor wishes to facilitate the 990 Informational return.

How are my funds invested? – RHFP uses an investment platform which includes a guarantee account, 19 mutual funds five-time horizon portfolios, and a computer run target maturity allocation program.

*Representatives of Kestra Financial. do not provide tax and legal advice.  Please consult your tax advisor or attorney for such guidance.