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Are you short-changing your retirement plan?

How much do you know about the fees and charges in your district’s 403(b) plan?

There are many types of fees that your employees are paying every day. They may include:1

  • Administrative fee
  • Mortality and expense charge
  • Variable expense charge
  • Mortality and administration charge
  • Annual fee

1Source: Aegis Advisors Market Overview Report to the IPPFA Board dated April 2000 (revised Feb, 2009)

The $82,140 difference

That number represents the additional monies realized when eliminating 1.00% in fees over the course of 35 years. This hypothetical investment assumes annual contributions of $2000 a year ($166.67 per month) earning 8% a year compounded monthly. Over the course of 35 years, you would see your investment of $70,000 ($2000 x 35 years) grow to $382,321. The impact of 1% in fees over the same time period would lower your hypothetical return by $82,140.2

2Based on simple savings calculator from The costs and annual fund yield are hypothetical and illustrative only. They are not representative of any actual client or of a specific investment product or strategy.