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Advantages of Single Vendor Approach

For Employees

Our experience with our clients is that:

  • More people save into the plan
  • The amount of money people save increases
  • More investment options
  • More money in people accounts due to fee savings

For The Employer

  • Wise Choice For Educators is 100% paperless
  • Employees facilitate all payroll deductions changes online
  • All payroll changes are delivered to payroll electronically every week
  • Reduction of payroll “slots”
  • Eliminated paperwork from all vendors
  • Payroll has estimated that their time required to manage the payroll aspect of the supplemental savings program has been reduced by approximately 85 hours per year
  • Send in only one check to asset manager
  • Entire process is consolidated and more automated
  • Outsourced all loans, hardships, and compliance
  • Serves as TPA for all former employee transactions at no cost to district