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The Wise Choice For Public Employees

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The Illinois Public Pension Fund Association established IPPFA Benefits to serve our fellow public sector employees. The IPPFA is committed to preserving our defined benefit pensions. We are fighting to make sure that the state legislature understands we have earned these benefits, and the promises they made should be kept. We recognize that the most important retirement benefit we have is our defined benefit pension plan and that the defined contribution plan is only a supplement.

With the continued political pressure to reduce or even eliminate our pensions, along with the proposed reduction for retiree’s health insurance, it is of critical importance that the supplemental savings plans that you are deferring into are as efficient as possible.

The IPPFA defined contribution program (The Wise Choice For Public Employees) has been designed by pension fund trustees who are also fellow public sector workers. These employees decided that it was time that participants have a program that is run in their best interest, not in the best interests of the sales representative or the insurance company. The IPPFA executive board built this plan and continues to oversee the running of The Wise Choice For Public Employees. In addition to the 457(b) and 403(b) plans, the IPPFA built a plan specifically to help with savings for retiree healthcare. The IPPFA executive board is vigilant in their over site to make sure that the IPPFA defined contribution plans continue to be a valuable tool to help improve the retirements of public sector workers.

Whether you are employed by a local unit of government or a school district, the IPPFA has a supplemental retirement plan to help ensure that you have more money in retirement. The IPPFA can provide a high-touch, low cost alternative to the existing vendors in the marketplace.